Nintendo Ds

Best Nintendo Ds Games

A Run Down Of The Best Nintendo DS Games

The best Nintendo DS games have been rated by those in the know and they are as included:

The Legend of Zelda 4

The state of the art 3D graphics as well as stereo sound makes this the top rated and considered to be one of the, if not the best Nintendo DS games on the market today.  The Legend of Zelda has always been a popular game with gamers so this rating should really come as no surprise.

The Simpsons DS

Everyone loves the goofy antics of Homer Simpsons and his devlish son, Bart.  You can enjoy your time with the entire Simpson family when you purchase this game which is considered to be one of the best Nintendo DS games.  The stylus allows you to move the characters with greater ease and allows you more freedom with the loveable Simpson family.  On top of that, the graphics and sound are superb.

Dementium the War

This is a first person shooting game which so many people love and is the best Nintendo DS game for first person shooting.  You get to take out all of the bad guys and the graphics are state of the art and 3D.  You also get the dual screen action on this game, which really indicates just how far video games have come in recent years.  Once you play this game, you will hardly be able to believe that you are playing on a hand held system. 

Jam Sessions

There are other musical training game that allow you to pick up an instrument, notably Guitar Hero for DS, but Jam Sessions has been rated among the best Nintendo DS games.  Jam Sessions not only allows you to enjoy music, but can also teach you a musical instrument, namely the guitar.  To learn how to play this instrument as well as have some fun lessons, pick up Jam Sessions.

Sonic Unleashed

A wild game featuring everyone’s favorite hedgehog, Sonic.  This is a favorite of both young and old alike and has been named among the best Nintendo DS games

Mario 64

Nintendo wouldn’t be Nintendo if it wasn’t for Mario.  Let’s fact it - this little guy gave this industry their start.  It hardly seems fair to mention a list of the best Nintendo DS games and leave the little guy out.  Mario has been entertaining us for the past 25 years so he deserves the recognition.  Although the graphics of this game are something with which to be reckoned

These are just a few of the best Nintendo DS games that are rated today.  Other games that have been very popular, especially among the older games include Brain Age.  Brain Age actually consists of  a series of puzzles that allow you to tease your brain and, as the advertisement for the game goes, actually grow your brain.  Whether or not you manage to raise your IQ, the game is fun for all involved. 

Use the list of best Nintendo DS games as a guideline but not a shopping list.  While all of these games are good and feature state of the art graphics and sound, you have to enjoy playing the game in order to have a good time.