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Getting The Best Cheap Nintendo DS System

You can buy a used Nintendo DS system and that will be pretty cheap.  But you have to wonder why someone would want to get rid of this system when it is still on the top of the market.  There is really no other system that can beat it when it comes to hand held video game players.  Sony tried to come out with new hand held video game system, but it does not even come close.  No, it is too soon to be looking for used systems that people actually took care of.  Chances are that if you buy a used system, there is something wrong with it.  Someone dropped it or got it wet.  In such a case, you will simply be throwing good money after bad. 

You are better off to go on auction sites to take a look at some of the best cheap Nintendo DS systems.  Some electronics traders are finding it tough to get rid of luxury game items in the economy today.  Many people feel that we are heading into a depression and that the last thing we need is another hand held video game.  Although most would beg to differ with that.  These games can provide hours of joy and entertainment - perfect for anyone who is worried about their job or an impending depression.

Going to the auction sites can get you a cheap Nintendo DS system, but you want to make sure that it is a brand new system.  Again, you do not want to look for something that has been dropped in water.  You want something new.  Although there are plenty of online dealers who deal with these item wholesale.

Another place to find a cheap Nintendo DS system is by gong to a flea market or rummage sale.  May of the people who sell at the flea market get their items in bulk and greatly reduce the price.  On top of savings, you do not have to pay any state sales tax in most cases.

When you are looking for a used Nintendo DS system, make sure that you do not fall prey to any con artists who offer you a “free” system if you fill out a form.  These are for suckers and you will not be getting your item, no matter how much you squawk.  You will, however, be opening up the floodgates for unsolicited business calls and sales calls throughout the day.

Ebay is probably the best option when it comes to buying a used Nintendo DS system.  If possible, use a different spelling alternative to pick up someone who had trouble spelling Nintendo in the Ebay search engine.  Sometimes, spelling mistakes can really make or break an auction.  Make sure that you get he best deal possible when it comes to picking your best cheap Nintendo DS system. 

Remember, just because you are not paying top dollar for the system is no excuse for it not to work. You deserve state of the art graphics as well as every other function on this little marvel.