Nintendo Ds

Nintendo Ds Emulators

Finding Nintendo DS Emulators

It is easy to find Nintendo DS emulators online.  You can simply do a search for them on your computer and pull up several emulators.  Although you should realize that you will not be able to have the full function of the Nintendo DS games as you would on the system. 

Because Nintendo DS is a relatively new system, the Nintendo DS emulators are really not able to play the games properly.  Even on a fast PC the games tend to come off as slow.  It has been difficult for the emulate authors to be able to make their software accurate as well as optimized.   This is due to the state of the art performance of the actual Nintendo DS system, which is like no other handheld video game unit available on the market so far. 

You can find Nintendo DS emulators in a variety of different places if you want to use your computer to play your favorite Nintendo DS games.  The Nintendo DS emulators have been rated up to three stars out of five for performance. 

The best of the Nintendo DS emulators is found at NO$GBA.  This was freeware for Windows that was created for Nintendo Gameboy Advance games.  While this is still primarily for Nintendo Gameboy Advance, it also supports Nintendo DS games too. 

Other Nintendo DS emulators are not rated as highly as NO$GBA.  Most people who tried them have not expressed satisfaction with this software, although anyone can give them a try for themselves.  They are DeSmuME, iDeaS, NeonDS, Dualis, Dsemu.  All of these received at least one star and are listed from the most highly rated to the lowest rated. 

Using Nintendo DS emulators or any other game emulators is a way to play your favorite video games on your computer.  The purpose is to try to avoid buying the handheld unit.  However, in the case of the Nintendo DS system, you cannot really get the thrill of playing the games the way they were meant to be played by playing on one of the Nintendo DS emulators.  They simply do not work as well and the games run slow. 

Another reason why people like to use game emulators is to give them the opportunity to play with other players all over the world.  With the Nintendo DS system, you do not need to go online to be able to do this.  The Nintendo DS system has the capabilities to hook up with those also playing the game through the Lan System.  Not only that, but you can also use its features to communicate with as many as 16 other people in your network.  There is really no other system like this on the market today.  Because the Nintendo DS system is so advanced, it leaves the Nintendo DS emulators far behind when it comes to the performance of the games.  To enjoy the games the way that they were meant to be played and with full speed, you should invest in the Nintendo DS handheld game system.