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The Nintendo DS Wi Fi Connection

What is the Nintendo DS Wi Fi connection?  It is the way for you to enjoy the Nintendo DS handheld game system in a way that you never before dreamed possible.  You can actually connect with other people who are playing games through the Wi Fi System. 

It is totally free to use the Nintendo DS Wi Fi connection.  In today’s world, when very few things are free, this is one that you can enjoy without paying any extra money.  Some of the games that can be played  by using the Nintendo DS Wi Fi connection include the Mega Man Star Force series, Professor Layton, Endless Ocean, Advance Wars and Mario and Sonic, among others. 

You can use the Nintendo DS Wi Fi connection to play when you are on the go as there are thousands of places where you can hook into the Wi Fi connection.  If you want to play with friends, you can give them special codes so that you know you are only playing with people who you know.  This is the safe way to play online.  You can also play anonymously with others from all over the world. 

Some games are more fun to play with others.  The Nintendo DS Wi Fi is just one way to use your hand held game system to play with others.  There are also other ways that you can connect and play with up to 16 other people without using the Wi Fi system.  The Wireless LAN allows you to not only play with others but also message other people.  You can use the touch screen to message your friends while you play the game. 

The Nintendo DS is the state of the art hand held game system.  It features two LCD screens as well as Wireless LAN that allows you to use the system to send text messages as well as messages and cartoons you can draw using the stylus. 

The Nintendo DS Wi Fi is just one additional asset to this game system.  You will not believe how far the hand held game world  has come once you play the Nintendo DS.  The games that are available for the Nintendo DS today are also state of the art and feature 3D graphics as well as stereo sound.  There is a microphone that allows you to participate in chat as well as earphones that allow you to listen to the stellar sound. 

There are thousand of different places that you can join in and start playing with others on the Wi Fi system.  Play games like Endless Ocean, Mario and Guitar Hero with friends or others.  The Nintendo DS system allows this to be possible.  All in this small, handheld game that is a virtual powerhouse of fun. 

Check out the Nintendo DS today and the Nintendo DS Wi Fi connection.   Once you play video games on this system, you will wonder what you ever did without it.  There are so many different features on this system that it is impossible to list them all.  The Nintendo DS Wi Fi connection is just one of many state of the art facets to this new system.